Twitch streamer Maya was recently denied a bathroom break by employees staffing the Twitch Rivals event in Las Vegas. This has been compared to reports that Amazon - the company that owns Twitch - warehouse workers and delivery drivers are forced to work without breaks and have to urinate in bottles.

"Do I raise my hand to ask if I can go to the bathroom, is that cringey," Maya asks while live on stream. Fellow streamer QTCinderella responds, "Yeah, you're gonna get in trouble." Maya looks confused and says, "Really? But I have to pee." Before raising her hand to get the attention of a Twitch employee and asking if she can use the bathroom.

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The Twitch employee then goes to ask another employee, presumably a supervisor, who shakes their head. "No," Maya says. "Oh fuck, okay. I'm not allowed to pee." She turns to the camera and looks bewildered by the situation.

A clip of the incident has been shared to Reddit's r/LivestreamFails page. As Twitch is owned by Amazon, Reddit users have compared it to reports that Amazon denies its workers bathroom breaks while they work in warehouses and complete deliveries. User Passi1612 wrote, "Why isnt she just pissing in bottles like a regular amazon employee? Man always these streamers with their high standards"

Another user, vunacar, wrote, "Classic Amazon." With one user responding, "At least they're consistent." One comment read, "Should have brought a bottle like a real amazon employee." And another read, "Shame on the event for not providing pee bottles like other amazon employees."

Amazon did admit that delivery drivers "can and do have trouble finding restrooms because of traffic or sometimes rural routes, and this has been especially the case during Covid when many public restrooms have been closed," after evidence surfaced that proved the phenomenon. However, the company has claimed that warehouse workers have access to dozens of toilets that they can use at any time.

As well as being denied a toilet break, Maya also suspects she was roofied during the Las Vegas event. Fortunately, she was with friends QTCinderella and Myth, so was not further harmed.

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