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Taito is the fourth and final major area in Shin Megami Tensei 5. When it comes to difficulty bumps, no area compares to the wall that is Taito. Here you'll find enemies and bosses up to 20 levels higher than before, a confusing layout, and plenty of hidden goodies await you.

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Like with Minato, Shinagawa, and Chiyoda, Taito is home to several Daemon Statues, and these helpful little boosts to your party EXP can drastically increase your odds of survival, and, cut down on grind time, making them invaluable tools at this point in the game.

Where To Find Every Demon Statue In Taito

SMT5 Taito Demon Statue Map

There are a total of SIX Petrified Demon Statues in Taito: Eligor, Forneus, Jack Frost, Decabaria, Flauros, and Ose. Nearly all of them reside off the beaten path, making them especially difficult to find. With a bit of rummaging around, however, they can be found.


Where To Find Petrified Eligor

SMT5 Eligor Joint image showing real world and map location

Eligor is the easiest of the Statues to find and is the only one that is more-or-less in your face. To find Eligor, all you have to do is head north, northeast of the starting Leyline - Ueno.

Where To Find Petrified Forneus

SMT5 Forneus Joint image showing real world and map location

Forneus is rather easy to miss due to it hiding in a large pond shrouded in mist. To find him, you need to travel to the Ueno Leyline and head northwest. You will come across Shinobazu Pond, and Forneus is just a wade away. Be warned, enemies will spawn once you get close - be prepared for a scrap.

Where To Find Petrified Jack Frost

SMT5 Jack Frost Joint image showing real world and map location

The Jack Frost Demon Statue is hidden northwest of the Umebayashi Leyline, in the Southwestern portion of Taito. They are hiding on a cliff edge near Demeter.

Where To Find Petrified Decarabia

SMT5 Deca Joint image showing real world and map location

This is the second Decarabia Demon Statue in Shin Megami Tensei 5 (the first being in Minato), and it can be found by traveling to the Umebayashi Leyline. Head northeast through a building, head down a narrow path, and make your way down the western path until you hit a dead end. Decabaria will be waiting for you.

Where To Find Petrified Flauros

SMT5 Flauros Joint image showing real world and map location

To find Flauros you will need to travel to Asakusa - the huge circular area of the Hindu portion of Taito. Head down and follow the path south - Flauros will be standing at the bottom of a cliff.

Where To Find Petrified Ose

SMT5 Ose Joint image showing real world and map location

Ose is very easy to miss, but also incredibly easy to find. Travel to the Komagata Leyline - just before you fight Odin - and head north. Jump off the glowing cubes and Ose will be standing right in front of you.

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