DVB World conferences…

May 19th, 2009

DVB World conferences present every year the latest developments in digital broadcasting. As speakers and panellists it features all the leading personalities of the DVB project as well as all those who are directly involved in the pioneering work of standardisation, development and implementation of the various aspects of the DVB — the people at the coalface of the new developments.

DVB World conferences are an event not to be missed by anyone who is seriously involved in the design and implementation of digital broadcasting systems. If you are in digital media, you can’t afford not to attend.


May 19th, 2009

Digital technology, applied to broadcasting, continues to develop. New applications are announced at an increasingly frequent basis and the DVB standards are at the core of most. As the adoption of DVB standards and the introduction of new standards increase, it becomes more difficult to keep abreast of developments, hence the need for regular comprehensive updates. DVB World fulfills this need.